• 08 NOV 15
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    Here is a fast and easy tool to help you get ‘unstuck’.

    Here is a fast and easy tool to help you get ‘unstuck’.

    Our posture influences our emotional state and vice versa (our body posture is and indication of our mental state).  For example, if you hold a standing position with your head stooped over, your chest withdrawn, your back bent forward, and your eyes cast downward, your brain will soon follow, and you will begin to feel down too.

    However, if you assume a posture with your head up, your eyes looking straight out into the world, your chest thrust out and with your shoulders back, and your arms spread wide open like you want to give the world a big hug, it becomes more difficult to hold on to a negative thought.  Take deep breaths whilst you are at it.

    Of course you can’t maintain that posture indefinitely, but it is a fast and easy tool to get you unstuck.

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