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    What does it mean to celebrate ?

    What does it mean to celebrate ?

    What does it mean to celebrate ? To have a party ? To get away ? To buy ourselves something nice ? To many of us it has meant, “Let’s function less consciously.  Let’s turn on. Let’s escape reality.”  Some versions are worse than others, but all of the above are imitations of celebration.

    It just happens that we forget we are here to celebrate who we are because we’ve been seduced by the outer world and all its exquisite entertainment. There are so many movies, websites, apps, games, books, shows, classes and events where we get to sit back and be entertained without having to do a thing. We also have the habits of being constantly entertained by alcohol, drugs and food. The truth is our western society has become deeply lazy, and completely hypnotised by everything “out there” and we have forgotten the divine soul that is on the inside.  We have become puppets to the world, slaves to our mind, and constantly seduced by outer forces that help us stroke our emotional heart strings.

    Authentic celebration is not so much escaping as it is coming back, not so much a lessening of consciousness as it is a heightening of consciousness.  To celebrate is to re-create and refresh.  It is to grow rather than to go or get or grab.
    How much happier our lives will be when we can say “Come celebrate – let’s talk. Come celebrate – let’s walk in the park. Come celebrate – let’s listen to the wind and watch the night fall. Come celebrate – let’s dispel loneliness, get a sourpuss to smile, share ourselves with each other.

    You have been put on this earth to celebrate the incredible gift that is your life. You were born to experience life in all its multi-dimensional ways and celebrate this miraculous being that you are! With every new day there is something awesome to discover inside you.  The world that you can see, smell, taste, hear and touch is there to tantalise your senses, open your heart and expand your mind so that you find a perpetually expanding feeling of being alive.

    We are not dependent on the outer world to celebrate our inner world. We realise that our soul is the reality and the reason for celebration. From this place we are conscious participants in life, truly being with others, always interacting and fully engaging in each living breathing moment. We live in a constant state of feeling connected on a very deep level.

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