Welcome to my website… I am so happy that you are here.

This site is dedicated to your empowerment, inspiration, and well-being.

Consider for a moment …. the almost 7 billion plus people on the face of the planet.What are the chances that you and I connect? Yet, here we are…

For whatever reason you arrived here, I welcome you with an open and accepting heart and mind.

To me, you are a Gift, your life is a Gift. You are a unique, individual creation with your own unique gifts and abilities, and there is no one else precisely like you on the face of this planet. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life and nothing excites me more than to assist you to realise your own magnificence.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about my work as a Hypnotherapist because of the extraordinary results I witness almost everyday. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool in assisting to implement positive change and healing and I continue to be intrigued and fascinated by the study and use of this natural, safe, but powerful phenomena.

I have a passion to help you ‘unlock’ your true potential and make positive, lasting change – to help you to move away from your problems as fast and as painlessly as possible.


Since 1990 I have dedicated my personal and professional life to the importance of personal development, self awareness and self-care by teaching from my own experience. As I grow and evolve, I share the practical tools and resources I use myself, in the hope that it helps others.  From years of personal experience, as well as working with many individuals in my private Hypnotherapy Practice, I’ve come to understand that selfishness leads to selflessness. When we care deeply for ourselves, we naturally begin to care for others – our families, our friends, our greater global community, and the environment in a healthier and more effective way. We tell the truth. We make choices from love instead of guilt and obligation. And we soon realise that we’re all connected and that our individual actions affect a greater whole. I care deeply about people and our planet and my commitment is to help raise consciousness in a way that improves the quality of life for both.

My intention is simple: to continue my commitment to ongoing professional and personal development and to provide you with practical tools, challenging ideas, resources, and helpful information that will support you in living a life that honours nourishes and inspires your unique mind, body, heart and soul.


Undergraduate Bachelor of Hypnosis; Diploma of Advanced Hypnosis.
(Continued study and research in Hypnosis, Neuroplasticity, Neuroscience, Mind Body Medicine & Unconscious Processing)

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Inc. Certification & Advanced Certification in the Dolores Canon Technique & others.

Taught & Certified by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.
CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR (Wake Up Moments with Dr Wayne Dyer)
Certified in REIKI 1,2 & 3 (Teacher Level) & NewLife Reiki Sechim
Certified ANGEL INTUITIVE (by Doreen Virtue)
Founder & Proprietor of Harmonious Holistic Centre (1993-2008)
Founder & Proprietor of Yes2Life Retail & Natural Therapy Centre (2008-2013)


I am very grateful to have received many testimonials and cards of thanks over the years.  I do not include all of them here. The Testimonials included on this site are from clients who have offered them (some requesting anonymity for privacy) in support of me and my work and with the desire to assist others on their journey.


I welcome your contact. Please feel comfortable emailing me from the contact page on this website. I answer every email personally and do all I can to be as helpful as possible in as timely a manner as possible.

You can also join me at my Facebook page and my blog to learn more about me and how I work; or to share more about you!

For further information about making an appointment, please go to the ‘How To Make An Appointment Page’.

I look forward to meeting you!

With love and compassion,




“… We are the artists of our own lives and we can paint the most beautiful pictures we can imagine.  Every thought is a brushstroke on that canvas.  We can paint whatever we wish, and we can paint out whatever we don’t want.  We are that powerful.Begin today.  Decide to paint a masterpiece with your thoughts, and a masterpiece you shall have.  You are unique in this gallery of life.  You deserve your place and you are priceless.”

Rayeleen Gilbert

(Co-Author in the Best Selling Book, ‘Wake Up Moments’)

Rayeleen, while I am expressing my feelings of gratitude to you I would also like to say that on reading your chapter in the bookI felt absolute awe and amazement. It contributed to my ability to move on from my feelings at the time, to choose thoughts that would bring me peace. It brought me back to a point of ‘concious choice.’ Thankyou. Wendy Milton (June 2011)