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    Willpower is not the determining factor in losing weight…

    Willpower is not the determining factor in losing weight…

    Even with the best of intentions, dieters are subject to the law of reversed effort – that is, the more you try to diet, the more you will tend to think about food!  Similar to other habits, using the deliberate, conscious mind merely serves to place the problem foremost in your mind.  Then, conflicts and problems emerge due to negative self-suggestions (“I am fat”, “I’m putting on weight” and so on), thus sabotaging your efforts and discouraging you from succeeding.  You can use both your conscious and subconscious processes to help regulate your weight.

    Conscious insight may help to uncover the source and meaning of self-destructive patterns.  But inner change must also take in to account  your intuitive, unconscious / subconscious  side.

    The key to resolving one problem, such as overeating, is often linked to another problem, usually something that you might not be aware of.  For example, overeating may be an attempt to express or solve another problem such as anger, boredom, or lack of fulfillment.  All of the related problems are pieces of the puzzle.

    If you have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully, and you know there is no medical reason preventing you from losing weight, consider that something else might be involved.  Your subconscious mind can help you to discover what other problems might be connected, and how to resolve them.

    Hypnotherapy gives opportunity for a new experience potential.  You may have intuitive, subconscious surprises, new attitudes, or different perspectives.  It can help you to alter a rigidly fixed self-concept and accept and feel more comfortable with change.

    Of course weight loss is unlike the tangibility of stopping smoking, whereby the habit is gone after one session – this would not be healthy at all :).   Gradual weight loss is best, giving you time to form healthy eating habits permanently.

    If you would like further information around how Hypnotherapy may work for you, please do not hesitate to contact me or let me know in the comments section below.  Fortunately, I have assisted hundreds of people to realise their ideal weight utilising hypnotherapy.  I recognise each person is a unique individual and their sessions are tailored accordingly, however, I have also recognised the profound results attained by those who have elected to have weekly, one hour follow up sessions.   Therefore, In addition to my one off sessions (including Virtual Lap-Band / Gastric Band Hypnosis), please let me know if you are interested in the weekly group sessions I will be offering very soon.

    Imagine…  the love, the light, the confidence within you expanding, and your body shrinking, shrinking and releasing weight, that’s right ….

    A better, more healthy life awaits you :).



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