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    “I’m Not Good Enough” – The Deceptive Trance

    “I’m Not Good Enough” – The Deceptive Trance

    Most of humanity are caught up in a trance state.  It is a collective hypnotic trance, and as with the nature of trances, most people have no idea they are living in this trance.  It’s like dreaming in our sleep.  It seems perfectly real … until we wake up and step into our waking reality.  However, this too, is just another dream state, another trance … for there are higher, more powerful states into which we can also awaken.  To heed the call to greatness we must at some point liberate ourselves from trance states of human ignorance and illusion.

    This is a good description of our collective, worldly trance state: ‘I’m not good enough’.

    After all, so many of us have been trained since early childhood that we need to be more or better to receive love and acceptance – that we are basically not okay.

    Do you notice how deep this goes…that it’s like second nature?  It’s so pervasive that merchandisers and advertisers hook into these themes and go to great lengths to try to dupe us into thinking that their product or service will fill the void and heal it all.

    I have currently been in private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 12 years.
    For 20 years I founded and managed a Natural Therapy and Personal Development Centre, working alongside many Health Practitioners.

    I feel fortunate to have worked with thousands of people on an individual basis.  My customers and my clients have been some of my greatest teachers and I have come to be humbled by and in awe of the human spirit.

    I have learned to appreciate that men and women – all us  – are essentially the same.  We all want to be loved and appreciated and to love and appreciate.

    Very few people see themselves as the unique and magnificent beings they are.  Rather, they see themselves as defective somehow.

    Many people feel as though they don’t belong, they feel alone in a crowded room, insecure, afraid of what others think of them – which in their mind is always the worst, and they feel guilty for thinking it and they feel guilty for not thinking it.  They even feel guilty if things are going right in their lives, as if they are taking from someone else because of it.

    People are afraid of hurting others and will punish themselves if they perceive they have.
    They don’t speak their truth or say what they really mean or need in case they hurt someone and eventually withdraw and resent and then feel guilty for doing so.

    Most people are on medication.  Depression and anxiety are an epidemic – along with substance abuse to numb the feelings.

    Most of us feel disconnected from our bodies, our spirit and each other.

    Most people don’t know what they really want because they have also forgotten to dream, and they have forgotten who they really are.

    In my work on a daily basis, it is my deepest desire that I can help them to see what I see.  I see a unique individual, divine creation who is worthy and important and perfect as they are.  I see a magnificent human being with infinite potential.  I see their bravery, their vulnerability and their light.  I see love in it’s purest form.  I see a brother, a sister and a friend, and I see me in them.

    I want them to accept no less than the highest possible standards be it for their work, their relationships, their health or their overall well-being.

    We must individually find our way out of the trance, find an opening into life mastery.

    This is the awakening.

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