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  • Chronic Pain, Gone in Under 3 Minutes. How?

    Chronic Pain, Gone in Under 3 Minutes. How?

    Just last Saturday I saw a client in her mid 50’s who was suffering from chronic neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is a complex, chronic pain state that is usually accompanied by tissue injury. She rigidly shuffled in to my office with the hope of experiencing some relief and to address the weight gain she wasRead more →

  • Déjà vu

    Déjà vu

    Déjà vu is a French term that literally means “already seen”. The fact that déjà vu occurs so randomly and rapidly—and in individuals without a medical condition—makes it difficult to study, and why and how the phenomenon occurs is up to much speculation. Many of us experience it.  How often have you found yourself inRead more →

  • The Mind Can Change the Brain!

    The Mind Can Change the Brain!

    The Mind Can Change the Brain! Hypnosis has long been known to be an effective and expedient way to bring about real and measurable change. With new neuroimaging technologies, we now know that hypnosis has a therapeutic influence on the brain. People have understood for several decades that the brain can influence how people thinkRead more →

  • You Are Already Hypnotised!

    You Are Already Hypnotised!

    You are already hypnotised – we all are.  Most of us just don’t realise it.  Unfortunately, most of us are “hypnotised” with beliefs that are not true and do not support us in reaching our fullest potential.  Ours mind are filled with limiting and false beliefs about the world and ourselves such as I’m notRead more →

  • Hypnosis and Stopping Smoking

    Hypnosis and Stopping Smoking

    Hypnosis is probably most famous for helping people to stop smoking, recently Matt Damon even testified to the benefits of quitting smoking – he told Jay Leno that he visited a hypnotist and it worked: I went to a hypnotist… It worked. I swear to god it worked. It was the greatest decision I everRead more →

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My Mission Statement

Utilising a holistic and integrative approach, it is my intention to guide you through real life changes on multiple levels to produce outstanding results. To remain abreast of and incorporate leading edge techniques and information in the areas of hypnosis, neuroplasticity, unconscious processing and mind/body medicine to support this process.

It is my intention to make the complicated simple and empower you to reclaim control of your thoughts, feelings and actions, thereby leading to a more peaceful, healthy and happy life.

Rayeleen Gilbert